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I've got a "real job" in coding... but I'm also really passionate about taking on and building "stupid little projects" and testing out their viability. So far I've built a bunch.

Some of them (as you can see) aren't actually that pretty graphically. It's not that I can't do front end (promise). It's more that I tend to try to get the technology working first before I go in for design.

I've read that design is actually much more important than technology. Oh well :) I still get to have my fun.

I also like to work in video editing and stuff. Secretly, I still dream of being able to work in Film, Television & Media... To that end, I'm always out filming things and playing around in after-effects and premiere pro. (Or writing scripts, or reading about film production & management)

I've also spent a number of years as a high school teacher. I'm not doing that now... (the film thing is to important to me) but it truly and honestly is one of the single greatest jobs that someone can have. Highly recommended to anyone (who has the patience of a saint... or an alligator).

I really like stack overflow and the community here.

Thank you so much for you help & I hope I've managed to pay it forward at least just a little. It will always be the case that I get more out of stack than I give... but perhaps that's the way it is for all of us :D

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