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Mark Richman has extensive experience as an Information Technology consultant and software architect/developer. He specializes in large-scale distributed web applications. Mark has demonstrated his technical and leadership expertise through engagements with both Fortune 500 corporations and small start-up firms. He assists organizations that struggle with the cost and complexity of managing IT infrastructure and applications, providing guidance on technology strategies that reduce time-to-market, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Mark frequently mentors IT leadership in software development concepts and techniques. He is an avid writer and speaker, and is the author of several publications. Mark holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA with a specialization in Technology Management.

Mark has a personal interest in emerging technologies and platforms, and specializes in web applications using Python, Ruby on Rails, and Microsoft .NET.

As a consultant, Mark provides technical leadership throughout the life cycle of a project including direction on systems architecture, code reuse, development processes, and the economics of software engineering. Key consulting responsibilities include guiding the architecture, user interface, and technology integration of projects; interfacing with client’s technology and management teams; and gathering information on enterprise-wide trends. Mark has held key roles in the e-commerce industry, spanning development, project management, product management, and marketing.

Mark is also an accomplished guitarist, gourmet cook, artist, and cat fancier. He also has a rather unnatural affinity for Yoda, having the largest private collection of Yoda artifacts in the world.




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