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I'm a freelance video producer who loves bringing stories to life. I recently quit my day job in a communications department at a small graduate school, where I did photography and audio engineering as well as video. So essentially my background is digital media, marketing, and communications. My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry and I took several engineering courses. For fun I'm taking improvisational theatre classes. My wife and I enjoy live music.

Like many, I discovered the term design thinking through the Kelley brothers' writing. But I first felt its impact on business when I worked for Apple in one of their retail stores. Delighting customers by design was an inspiring, formative experience. I've since discovered the field of service design and have connected with the developing SDN chapter here in St. Louis. I'm exploring ways to bridge my skills with media and my desire to practice human-centered design. Recently, I got to make a modest start when my friend Shikha asked for my help on a video.

I recently finished the first of several community interviews I'm directing for Living Like Kings, a new exhibit at the St. Louis-based World Chess Hall of Fame. The exhibit—and interviews—explore the unlikely collision of hip hop and chess.

I love design thinking, and I've practiced it by contributing original research and ideas to OpenIDEO, a crowd-sourced innovation platform tackling some of humanity's biggest challenges.

This year, I've had the privilege of teaching storytelling to a group of corporate executives as part of design thinking workshop for their innovation team.

I'm excited about cultivating a knowledge-sharing community of design thinkers here on the great Stack Exchange network.




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