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I am 14 years old. I really enjoy computer programming and have taught myself programming with only online sources and books from the library. I have knowledge in: php, jquery, javascript, html, css, small amount of java, and sql. I will be soon learning swift as soon as I can find a book and an ipod touch to test out my projects. I really enjoy being on the community on stackoverflow. I have learned a great deal by both asking and reading other person's questions/answers. Besides computer programming (web) I enjoy building k'nex with my brothers (12 and 6). Our last k'nex ball machine took 9,602 pieces to build (I know since we counted the pieces). See my profile image. We are currently working on our 3rd major k'nex ball machine which is 8ft tall and 3ft in length and width. It has so far taken (I'm guessing) about 5,000 pieces and we are about a 3rd complete! We also like spending our time on instructables (http://www.instructables.com) and watching in awe at what the fellow k'nexers are building. I have a friend, which I have made on instructables (he lives in Belgium) and we skype all the time. I am homeschooled and a freshman in highschool. I also enjoy playing outside as well as just hanging out on SO and instructables. I look forward to see what code you will post on here and meeting other programmers. I plan on going to college and majoring in computer science although I'm still thinking of what other career options in which I'm interested. I'm thinking of engeneering and perhaps computer hardware as well. I also enjoy swimming and belong to the Ukiah Dolphins where I have learned to swim with skill and have made friends.




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