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Skills, Experience and “Bragging”

  • Develop Software professionally since 1984, using a variety of platforms and technologies.
  • Web Developer since 1997, mostly with Open Source (Perl/PHP/Apache/MySQL).
  • Able to work alone, or as a Team Leader.
  • Hate “Code Horror”. Cannot sleep well until the code is polished to perfection.

WordPress - specific

  • Use (.com) since its early days.
  • Utilized WordPress as a backend for various projects – for about 5 years.
  • Active plugin/theme developer - for the last two years.
  • Moderator of two and active member of four WordPress communities on Google+.
  • Made several patches to the WP Core (see props “tivnet”) and to a variety of plugins, including WP SEO by Yoast, WooCommerce and ReduxFramework.
  • Have a strong feeling that there are no tasks that I cannot solve in the WordPress environment.

My Development Environment

  • MS Windows (with Cygwin) for development; Linux/FreeBSD servers for staging and production.
  • PHPStorm, adjusted to match WordPress Coding Style, with automatic LESS/CSS and JS minimizer.
  • Xdebug, Debug Bar, Kint Debugger, Query Monitor and Core Control.
  • Git (Bitbucket, GutHub), SVN (own server).
  • Never use any of the WAMP/MAMP bundles. Always install everything myself: PHP, - MySQL, Apache, etc.
  • Use dedicated servers, or VPS (Linode, DO) for production. Do System Administration myself.
  • Never use FTP. To copy files, which are not in repository, use rsync only.
  • PHPUnit and Codeception for testing.
  • BrowserStack for testing in various browsers.
  • Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome, jQuery.
  • Bash scripts for some simple automation (mysqldump, rsync for backup, etc.)



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