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I work in strategic forecasting and planning and have a moderate amount of knowledge about business, economics, systems, complexity, SD and ABM modeling, and a range of policy issues (e.g., climate, energy, poverty, early childhood education).

In the dim, distant past, I studied evolution and neuroscience and got some basic lay training as a sex counselor. I am neither a medical professional nor a practicing scientist. However, I have a long-standing fascination with human sexuality and specifically with the exotic psychological effects that prolonged sex can produce.

Over the last 20+ years, I've conducted multiple in-depth interviews with 59 couples who practice this kind of sex on a regular basis, so this is an area where I can reasonably claim some expertise. Based on those interviews and my own personal experience, I've written a detailed guide to learning how to prolong and enhance sexual arousal and generate those effects. I've also included my thoughts about what evolution and neuroscience can tell us that explains some of what is going on. (See my website if you're interested.)

To people from India who notice my name and assume that I'm at least somewhat Indian: I'm 2nd gen American, 3rd gen ex-India. My parents left India as small children and then came to the U.S. in their 20s to get away from a culture they rejected. They did their best to see that their kids were immersed exclusively in U.S. culture and we were the only Asian family where I grew up, so I didn't even pick up casual cultural information about India from other kids. As a result, I'm a "coconut" (brown outside, white inside) not an "ABCD." (For example, in college another Indian-American student asked me what I was doing for Diwali and I had to ask what that meant.) So please just assume that my name is Mary Smith or something like that. I do have a strong personal interest in India, but no first-hand knowledge at all.




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