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Appreciate the efforts of members by upvoting them, and accept the answer if it worked for you. this is the least you can do for those who spend their time to share their experiance with you.

I am a professional developer that newly started to develop mobile games, I have a a lot of experiance with many tools and application and I liked here because I see a lot of pro here which looking forward to help you.

I am an old member of StackOverFlow, the time when there was only StackOverFlow and there wasn’t StackExchange yet, But I lost my email and Yahoo should take the blame! it was a nice ID ([email protected]) however they closed it even when I knew its password but not the birth date I set originaly.

By the way, I have a master degree in GIS but I have a long history of computer programming since DOS 5.0 released by Microsoft (GWBasic,Qbasic,Pascal,C,Assembly) and lots of debug tools (ollydbg and IDA) to test the applications lock (most of applications just take 1 hour to be cracked and it is really bad, I was one of the first ones who started to develope applets and applications with Java and I remember Microsoft had a product names Micorsoft Visual Java (J++) that built exe file from .java code, funny? it is history! I have started iOs development since a year ago and since I had a very strong C base with a lot of programming experience, I learned objective C very fast, I am now learning Swift and I have a ongoing project with swift to create a strategic game.

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