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Mr. Mullin is software executive whose career spans over 25 years in software research and development for telecommunications, military, finance, entertainment, and enterprise applications. His experience in the design of languages, complex operating systems, and sophisticated graphics systems spans work done for the Department of Defense, international communications firms such as Cable and Wireless and ITT, and commercial software firms such as SoftView, Taligent, and Sierra On-Line.

In his role as Vice President of Software Development, Mr. Mullin positions the software assets for future growth while ensuring that ongoing operations are fully supported. In his tenure at GRT, Mr. Mullin introduced new technologies to allow for shared work to be performed during data gathering, business rules driven reporting, and a new service infrastructure used to support both mobile to server and server to server communications.

In the last ten years Mr. Mullin has served as a consultant to a number of financial and software companies, providing guidance and development services to organizations such as Unum Provident, PC-Connection, AIR Worldwide, and others. As a consultant he also taught over a dozen technical seminars at Microsoft events on advanced programming concepts.

Mr. Mullin established a reputation for being able to identify technical trends and directions, as evidenced by his early adoption of object oriented programming techniques in the early 1980's. Based on this work, he wrote two books for Addison-Wesley. One, "Object Oriented Program Design", was a best seller. More recently he has been active in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) community and the Microsoft .Net communities, having identified both as strong contenders in the 2000-2001 timeframe.

He has often held positions of critical responsibility where he has been involved in all levels of software development and program management as a direct employee and consultant. He has previously served in several executive staff roles, as the owner of a boutique consulting corporation (Stratix, Inc) to the DoD, as the VP of Engineering to SoftView (now part of Intuit), as the VP of R&D to Dynamix, and as the CEO of Vibrant 3D. During the acquisition of SoftView, he was named as one of the key employees in the purchase agreement.

Mr. Mullin is the inventor and developer of the V3 Technology that anchors the Vibrant 3D Data Visualization System. While at the Visible Human Corporation and Vibrant 3D, Inc, he was responsible for all phases of research, design, development, production of products and provision of services of the company. During this time, he produced several award winning surgical simulation systems and a system for visualizing relationships in equity trading.




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