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Infinite is the glory of Lord. Infinite is his compassion. For the compassion of Lord there is a verse in Shiva Geeta from Padma Puran:

"अनादरेण शाठ्येन परिहासेन मायया ।
शिवभक्तिरतश्चेत्स्यादन्त्यजोऽपि विमुच्यते ।।"

It means "Anyone while doing criticism or while disrespecting or due to jealousy if gets meditated or gains devotion for Shiva, he would get cleansed of all the sins immediately."

Such is the compassion of Lord. Another example is Bhagwat Puran 10.29.15

"Persons who constantly directs their lust, anger, fear, protective affection, feeling of oneness and friendship toward Lord Hari are sure to be absorbed in him."

Such is his mercy. He liberates even those who criticize him, who direct their anger to him. Such is his compassion even towards criticizers then how merciful will he be towards his devotees ?

He only understands his Leela. Other just try to describe them according to their intellect.

His leelas are contradictory. He likes to do so. It is also his compassion. He does it so that even dull-witted get a chance to criticize him and so that may he get liberation. Lets take some examples:

A devotee understands the meaning of Lord Shiva living in cemetry along with ghosts and pisachas whereas a dull witted describes it as a ignorant aspect according to his intellect thus he too meditate upon Lord Shiva while criticizing.

Similarly a devotee understands the real meaning of Agni Pariksha of Sita whereas a dull witted meditates upon Lord Ram while criticizing him and even that fool gets Lords compassion.

Similarly a devotee understands 1600 Gopikas and 16108 wife of Lord Krishna whereas a dull witted accuses many thing and criticizes the Lord and even that fool gets Lord compassion.

Dull witted are expert in searching lines in scriptures which accordingly to them fits the best to criticize the lord. Sages are also compassionate and put those verses so that it becomes easier for those dull witted to generate the meaning.

In Yogavasistha Vishwamitra tells "Fortunate is that Ravan who is able to get a place in Rams mind as a enemy"

Such is the compassion of sages.

 There are also some dull witted who think they grasped the whole of Vedas and Purans and with their low intellect begin to discriminate the forms of Supreme.
With just 1400 cc of Brain capacity, and with low intellect even if they live for full 100 years in this Kaliyuga then that is just about 1 microsecond of Brahma, then what could they know about the mysteries. Even though they think and are convinced they are only right and only their explanation is right. Such is the Maya of lord. But lord is also merciful to them.

Remembering the compassion of merciful Lord I bow to him. May he always provides his devotion to me.




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