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Passion is one of the great natural forces that influence us as human beings.That idea, the notion that passion is applicable to everything we do, has been the leading light of my life.

As a high school freshmen I became familiar with another thrilling idea, the fact that software, can be formed, designed, and engineered. Another amazing idea I encountered my last year in high school, is that code can, and should be designed to be shared, and the simple act of giving a piece of your code to another persons benefit holds the power to change the future of that person. With that idea in hand I went on to publish a module used by all the other students on my class.

With time, and my exposure to more coding challenges and open problems in computer science it downed on me that the saying that architecture is the art of building living spaces for human beings is also relevant to the profession of software architecture, and with the rise of concepts like cloud, parallel and ditributed computing and the shift most of us made from a personal comuter to a smartphone this idea only proved itself further.

Buckminster Fuller once said we are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. Fullers passion as a designer, an innovative architect and fighter of misconceptions has earned him fame and glory. The next step in the architecture of the future is the architecture of software, of the cyberspace, the environment in which people live and work. There is an optimal way of doing things, communally, efficiently and incredibly fast.




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