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John Werner is an internationally published author, engineer, and conference speaker who brings over 15 years of experience solving technical problems with creative solutions.

As a Senior Software Engineer, John has used his unique problem solving abilities to become an expert in solving problems that have escaped others.

As an author and editor, John has written a regular column for an automotive magazine and has been published both in the US and Europe. In his spare time, he edits the Internet's Oldest FAQ on Snow Tires and Winter Driving.

As an inventor and architect, John has earned patents for inventions ranging from Ink Jet Printers to Automotive Ignition Systems; and he has both published and presented his software architecture work.

As a software process evangelist, John has motivated corporate cultures to embrace sound development practices such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing, and Continuous Code Review while seeking to provide a careful balance between process and productivity.

The world of Embedded Software Security has not escaped his focus. His work in driving the security analysis of embedded products; developing an innovative, risk-based approach to Threat Modeling; and creating a cross-platform tool for analyzing, organizing, and reporting the results was lauded by corporate research.

International work has been a part of John's career for the past decade. During that time, John has gained experience working both for and with off-shore development efforts and serving both in the roles of team player and team leader. He has traveled extensively to Munich, Germany, and Milan, Italy; and has also worked in Bangalore, India, and Stuttgart, Germany.




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