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Oh Dear...

IT/Computer/Network dude by occupation... (probably by inclination or I'd not have become so.) Definite Engineer mind-set. Full-time CS student again in Spring '11.

Frustrated Artist by avocation -- Avid photographer since age 8. Sometimes professional. Very technical and lab-oriented. Now they've taken my Kodachrome away!!

Have never made the jump to digital, other than messing just a bit with printing old digitized images. (You have to have at least 8 3/4 Mega-pixels to begin thinking of 35mm quality digital -- better 18 Mega-pixels (RAW) to be sure to avoid digital artefacts! This was with 1985 film technology and still only 35mm quality! So, I'm just getting to the point where I think there are truly usable "35mm Digital Cameras" out there. AND you'll need a printer w/ 300 lines/in colour resolution, minimum -- again, I want that doubled = 600 lines/inch. And we've not even started on Colour-depth!!

Hey, I used to dream in negative colour, I spent so much time looking at negatives. I'm totally serious!!

Don't have the time for Music any more hardly. :( Used to be there were always tunes playing...

STILL working on really being able to play the guitar... at least decent electric rhythm... Former wrangler of sounds from too loud musicians in too small of rooms -- What'd you say?

Enjoyed capture of controlled sounds onto tape and subsequent production much more. Need that time to get back to that... All computerized and digital these days -- so I should have some fun with that!

But... school-work first! (I sound like my own Mom!)

Still looking: Something in a Blonde, 5'3" - 5'4" - 5'5"... An Intelligent one... :)

Blonde part is actually, sort of, optional -- calico works, too!

  • (Do note: Blonde, spelt w/ the "e", is specifically FEMALE...)

The... what? I don' wan' no stinkin' Gravatar!! Let me drop in a piccie... what's with these sites?!




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