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I'm a french software engineer and software architect. I work currently with Java, MySQL and XML, and worked before with a lot of RDBMS like Oracle, Sybase, Teradata.

I also have knowledge in C, C++, Javascript, shellscript, social network application programming (Facebook, Opensocial, Twitter), image processing, Android, payment solutions implementation (Paypal) and more.

About personal projects: I started the french wikibook on programming (yeah, back in 2004 or something). I was very involved at different levels in Wikipedia and sister projects for 5 years, until 2008. Consumed most of my spare time, then. But it was worth it.

Since 2008, I have some fun with OpenStreeMap. Great project!

I also wrote a XML generation library in Java, based on a stack used for depth-priority tree processing. I stopped the development when it became obvious I was actually remaking the generation part of StAX... Currently, I'm working on a multithreading library in Java, based on a graph model, each node being a thread. It's called Archipel.

I hope to get some time (if my current move from one corner of Paris to another finally takes an end...) to write an image manipulation library in Java.

I'm also a real free software maniac. Free as in free speech...

My other center of interest are photography (I got a Canon 7D I'm having real fun with. I took the picture of a polar fox I'm using as an avatar with my older 350D), cooking (I'm french, after all :-) and seeing museums, especially art (I can't grow tired of the Marmottan Museum and its unique Monet paintings collection).

My 2 mother tongues are french and german, and apparently I'm not all so bad in english... :-). Beside France, I worked in Germany and Switzerland (where I also lived).




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