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My name is Jason C. McDonald. I am the CEO and Lead Developer at MousePaw Games. Our mission is to create educational software for use in schools and at home, that entertain and engage kids of all learning styles, even those with disabilities. (Connect with me on LinkedIn)

I use Flash CS6 and ActionScript 3. I know C++, Python, PyGTK/PyGObject, Visual Basic .NET, VBScript, Javascript, XML, XAML, WPF, Silverlight, and some SQL and SQLite. I also have working proficiency with C# and OOC. I have webmastering experience, so I can work with some HTML as well.

I have experience with the following IDEs: Adobe Flash Professional CS.5/CS6, Notepad++, IDLE, PyPE, CodeBlocks, and Visual Studio 2010/2012.

I am the creator of a proprietary scripting language and game core at my software company.

I am familiar with many operating systems, including Windows 98, XP, and 7, 8, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Fedora. I know how to do most OS software repairs, and I remove malware and clean Windows systems as a hobby.

I am also an author, and I write and speak on the subject of programming - most recently, "A Field Guide to Common Nerds." I also tutor computer science at the local college, and train my company's employees in ActionScript 3, design practices, game development, and Adobe Flash Professional.

Aside from programming, I am a fiction author, a writing coach, and pianist, guitarist, and composer. You can find that side of me here.




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