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Dear Stack Exchange,

Please stop breaking the close reasons.

Sincerely, all Stack Exchange users.

Also please stop being fucking dumb about Lounge. kthxbye

CS student at Wrocław University of Technology working at Nokia Networks, programming enthusiast and someone interested in reinventing the wheel the hard way - hence all the projects at my Github page.

When it comes to programming itself, I know a bit of C++, PHP (the most sucking language to work with, but I can't stand anything else in Web development; that's probably the reason of constant WIP state of my homepage), a bit of Python for simple scripts, and bits of some other languages.

I do not yet have any professional programming experience, I do however have this amazingly unique first hand experience with people learning programming and C++, as a CS student, and I can see how much pain the high horsing and teaching the language the wrong way causes on a daily basis*.

**This part was factored out of the main text after a funny discussion in comments under some awfully bad answer (that failed to notice an obvious, multiple-level XY problem in the question) and after a guy who admits to have no contact with language newcomers nowadays claimed to know better about teaching the language to said newcomers than someone who sees how much pain and hate for the wonderful language his ways of "teaching" it (or rather, teaching C with Classes) cause day by day (and used the "no real programming experience" as a (de facto ad hominem) argument that I have no clue about the topic; believe me, I have much more valuable experience when it comes to teaching/learning the language than any person who already forgot being a student. This note is for the record, so no-one says I removed the part that was cited under aforementioned discussion.*




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