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I am Jaime Santos Alcón, AKA "The Spaniard" or "Perrito Jr.". I am (as you may notice already) Spanish, I was born in Huesca in the north of Spain, but only spent there the first two years of my childhood (actually, I don't have any memories from there). Then after those two lovely (I guess) years I moved to Madrid with my family, I had to, I was two, and couldn't afford living on my own yet.

I was born in January 1982, do the maths and you'll see I am still a kid... I studied in Madrid and currently I hold a Technical Diploma in Application Development.

When I turned 22 I started working on the IT area as a Java developer but after two years I moved into the CMS area. After working in Spain for two years in that area I moved to Liverpool where I worked, first as a Contractor as Tridion Technical consultant at Amaze working in the GLA (Great London Authority) website/portal project, and a few months later I joined SDL Tridion in London, UK as a Technical Consultant, role I still have.

After two years working for several customers (CIPD, Emirates Airlines, GLA, etc...) I decided to move to the US (I know some could think, can you stop somewhere please!?!) Currently I work in Manhattan, New York for SDL Tridion, in their office there as a Technical Consultant.




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