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I'm a Data Engineer with TED Conferences where I'm building data products and infrastructure to support them in production.

On the side, I'm an adjunct instructor in the computer science programs at Loyola Univ. New Orleans and a Data Scientist & Software Architect with Kitchology. I also co-organize Code for New Orleans, our local Code for America brigade.

Before TED, I worked in the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget as an IT Project Manager on the team. Before OMB, I worked at Social Security on policy analysis; OpenGov; agency vision, strategy & innovation; and health IT initiatives. Before that, I worked at BAE Systems building signal processing software for underground imaging.

Until June 2014, I was a doctoral candidate (all-but-dissertation) in the Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computation program in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland. My dissertation work focused on applying computational harmonic analysis and dimensionality reduction methods for large data to federal budget, political and economic data to understand the drivers of budget process health as measured by level of contention and ability to produce products within deadlines. My doctoral work was done under the supervision of the late Professor Dennis M. Healy, Jr. (d. 2009), and Professor Wojtek Czaja. I completed my master's degree in the same field in 2007 focusing on the mathematics of digital signal processing under Dr. Healy.

As you may see from my various online profiles, I have considerable experience in software and algorithmic development, as well as significant classroom experience with mathematics related to computing, signal processing and data reduction. I am interested in applying this knowledge to difficult problems involving the processing of large data, both numerical and textual. I have experience in business communications, business process analysis, information technology solutions for business problems.




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