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I have over 4 years of experience in the magazine industry, credited Assistant Production/design assistant for Celeb Life Magazine and Celeb Staff Magazine

Celeb Staff Magazine From inception to the current hiatus I worked on every issue of the bi-monthly magazine since it's initial Sept/Oct 2006 magazine to the 'current' March 2009 a total of 16 issues. Celeb Staff is a national magazine about the people who work for celebrities and the elite with such departments as Butler Memoirs and Mannerly Manor. Celeb Staff has interviewed several top tear celebrities in their run from Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mike Rowe, Angelina Jolie, Malcolm Jamal Warner, the Obomas, and Sean Combs.

Celeb Life Magazine From Inception (Winter 2007) to the March/April 2010 issue (a total of 9 issues) this Quarterly, later turned bi-monthly magazine catered to the life and times of celebrities and the elite, paired with Celeb Staff these two magazines covered both the People and those who worked for them. Feature highlights include Donald Trump, Armand Asante, Barack Oboma and Christian Audigier during his run with the company.

Duties included everything from database of staff and subscriber management, gopher work, communication with editors and the printing house, layout and set up of every article and advertisement, map design and work flow, applying edits from the editors to the copy, prepping the magazine for the printers and pickup and shipping of individual issues.




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