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I am a software engineer and manager with a broad range of experience. I've been writing code for 25 years, getting paid to do it for 15 years, and have managed other coders for 5 years. I have worked with low-level languages (assembly and C), high level languages (Python and SQL), and those at both ends of mid-level (C++ and C#), as well as some other programming languages no cares about anymore. I have worked on products and projects such as networked 3D games, desktop applications, developer tools, a distributed job processing system, code libraries, an SDK, a turn based strategy web game, back-testing of stock picking algorithms, a multi-processed browser toolbar platform, and C++ unit testing frameworks.

I have consistently received promotions at every company I’ve held a full-time position, which is reflected on my Word formatted resume by multiple titles listed for each company. Even my summer internship was extended to be a remote position when the fall semester began. I have worked at companies ranging in size from fifty people to one hundred thousand people. I have managed teams ranging in size from two to ten. I have worked on projects with scope ranging from a few man-days up to a few thousand man-years employing SCRUM, waterfall, iterative waterfall, and cowboy coding. I have worked on products that ship every month, every quarter, every ~20 months, and every ~30 months. I have also independently worked full-time for nearly two years in between employment at companies and put off job interviews because they would distract me from the unpaid coding I was immersed in.




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