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Hi, I am a Linux Ubuntu 12.10 Quetzal user as of now, and yes, yes, I am a noob at this so if I muck up or any of the like, please let me know through the chat - because I'm usually there - and I'll try to work on it.

I enjoy anime and watch tons of it, and currently I am reading much manga. I like to edit stuff and correct English, and I probably wash my hands too often but I don't have OCD (haha?).

In the future, I would like to become a Linguist (also known as a translator or interpretor). I would like to be able to translate between Japanese<->English, Korean<->English and Korean<->Japanese. However, I think I'll try to learn more languages :)

Things I like doing are:

  • Programming with Python
  • Japanese stuff. Korean stuff. Speaking it, living it, smelling it. (?)
  • Hacking when I can
  • Modding the Sims 3 and other programs
  • Messing with Ubuntu (and often for the worst)
  • Play Skyrim, Tekkit, Minecraft, Sims 3, Final Fantasy and other games
  • Geeking out
  • Manga (Koizora = my favourite)
  • Anime (Clannad, NANA and Reborn! being my absolute favourites) and
  • K-Pop. Because it's awesome.

I work my way around, and am quite capable... but I still won't declare myself an expert yet :P

I am one of the few females around here, though I am admittedly on the verge of being a boy. I am fairly feminine in real life, but I play Skyrim, Final Fantasy and hack and mod. What does that make me?!

Anyway, sorry for the long bio, thanks for visiting and bye!




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