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My name is David Holdeman, like obviously!
My interests are: well, just look at my other StackExchange Accounts. That Should give you a purty good idea.
How I get started? Tom Swift books... LOTS SND LOTS of Tom Swift books.
Yeah. I got called "Space Cadet..."
I grew up using old Macs.
By "Using" I mean drawing rockets in AppleWorks 5 and 6, making stuff in Print Shop Deluxe, and of course, messing with settings to see what happened.
I remember the first time I messed something up...
I turned on Multiple Users. The next time the computer (PowerMac G3 in this case), I was greeted with a login screen. I didn't know my Dad's password! But all was fine when he came came home.
Well, nearly all.
The next time I messed up a computer more than I could fix it was when I adjusted the CRT screen to where only one corner was visible and hit save.
Norton SystemWorks saved the day on that occasion.
That was an eMac.
The next time was on the same computer, installing non compatible software from a Macworld CD.
Good 'Ol Norton.
Since then I have messed up a lot of computers, but never so bad I couldn't fix them.
One day I overheard my Dad tell my Mom that I was getting so good with computers he would almost let me run Norton.
That kinda hurt my feelings, because I had already run Norton, to defragment a drive.
Yup, them was the days.
Now I help him with HIS computer.
But computers was not ALL I did as a kid.

I also rode bike and went exploring in the neighborhood woods.
I still do mountain biking, which explains my account on the Bikes StackExchange site.
I grew up close to Victoria, Texas. When I moved to Walker, Missouri, I built a MTB trail through the woods.
My first bike was a Roadmaster. From there I upgraded to a Schwinn Aluminum Comp.
After I trashed it, I upgraded to a 2011 Scott Aspect 40.

I don't have much time to be on StackExchange, as most of my day is spent working in four hog nurseries, which I help my dad manage. Most of my free time is spent programming.

In case you wondered, my dog ate my reputation points.




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