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le Area 51 plug

I'm the proposer of the Decentralized and Federated Networking proposal over on Area 51. You should come support it; decentralization and federation are bloody fascinating.

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I'm an aspiring UNIX system administrator and programmer. I'm also an operating system design hobbyist.

My favorite kernel is the Linux kernel; my favorite research kernel, Mach; my favorite research operating system, Plan 9 from Bell Labs. My favorite init system is systemd; favorite window manager/desktop environment, Awesome GNOME; favorite UNIX distribution, Arch GNU/Linux. I want to try Gentoo, but I'm afraid that I'll like it and end up spending all my time waiting for things to compile. I'm more at home in the commandline using coreutils than I am in Nautilus.

I vocally support the free software movement. I'm very strongly against DRM. I'm a bit of a security enthusiast too - I love encryption.

I know a bit about UX. I spend a lot of my time reading technical documentation (think FreeDesktop, GNOME Wiki, stuff like that), Wikipedia, and articles about GNU/Linux, with a little BSD mixed in.

When I grow up, I probably want to hack on Gecko, join Mozilla's IT department and help administer their systems, or do one of those things but for GNU or GNOME. Basically, I want to end up at some awesome organization working on their codebase or their infrastructure. (I used to count Canonical as one of those organizations, but not anymore.)

I have written a short introduction to my computer history on meta.unix.se.




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