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I am a self-taught hobbyist and geek at heart who loves learning new skills and inferencing my Arduino to anything I can get my hands on.

Mod on: Arduino Beta, Moderators Beta (come check us out!)

Contact info/links:

  • Email: annonomuspenguin [at] gmail . com (Don't use me as a helpdesk, ask on SE. If your question is well written on SE and hasn't gotten any answers after a few days but you think I know the answer, feel free to send a link.)
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  • Chatrooms: Charcoal HQ; occasionally Pin 13 (I own it)... I'm usually pingable there.

Did I help you? A quick upvote and/or accept is payment enough (fake internet points are valuable). If I prevented you from being fired (or similar), consider giving a few bucks to a charity in my name and email me about it.

Love my awesome screenshots? (How could you not?) Download Open source Greenshot for Windows and create your own shiny images.

Incorrect information? Comment on my post/email me and I'll be happy to correct it. I love learning and won't get mad.

My joke about my username:

I didn't want to sign up at first for an account, that's why I put "Anonymous Person" in the text box with "your name." I did end up signing up, but with a quick search I found out there were others with the same spelling, so I modified it to make me unique. I am a extreme grammar "freak," but I prefer uniqueness over a few letters spelled correctly. Also, I'm gaining much better SEO this way. I couldn't think of a better name. Tip: I don't really have a vivid imagination. :)

Actually, it stands for something really long that I can't remember... I should have it written down somewhere here... ohh plans for taking over the world??? Hides paper in desk drawer...

Formerly Annonomus Person, but after being annoyed gracefully persuaded by a few users and mods, I decided to embrace my inner penguin and change my name.




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